Middle East Aflame!

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Since the end of the Turkish Empire in World War 1, the Middle East has been destabilised. The Allies drew up new borders disregarding the ethic differences in the population. Since the rise of Mohammed in 622AD, these countries have … Continued

Russia’s interest in Jerusalem

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  Russia is identifying with her past. Her interest/ interference in the Ukraine is because the Ukraine is actually ancient Russia, before it was conquered by the Turkish Empire. Russia still has an interest in Jerusalem and the Holy sites. … Continued


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Eclipses of the sun and the moon are well known. Blood moons occur when the sunlight reaching the moon passes through an extensive and dense layer of the earth’s atmosphere; here it becomes scattered and the resulting light we see … Continued

Russia begins the Move South!

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Russia is flexing her Imperial muscles. The Russians (known as the Rus) came from the Ukraine, thus the Ukraine is historical Russia, established in the ninth century. The Duke of Kiev in AD988 adopted the Orthodox form of Christianity from … Continued

The Madness of Christmas

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The recent NZ census shows we are no longer a predominantly “christian country”. In fact, many people are quite godless. Yet in recent years the commercialism of Christmas has reached at an all time high. Some retail stores make more … Continued

The Pope on Atheists

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Last week, Pope Francis said that atheists can do good and go to heaven too! Catholic Online 25-May-13 He explained that atheists can be led to God by doing good. He said, “We are judged by a just God who will … Continued

ISRAEL – new found wealth!

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Early this month, Israel began pumping from the new gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea.  Twelve undersea fields have been discovered since 2008, and now they are coming into production. For many years Israel had searched for oil, and been … Continued

Istanbul – its History and Destiny

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On Sunday I was in Istanbul – ancient Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire – alias the Eastern Roman Empire.     Istanbul occupies one of the beautiful positions in the world. Straddling the Bosphorus, the narrow strait leads … Continued

From Jerusalem

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I am in Jerusalem. The city of a thousand memories. Where once the Shekinah glory of the God of Israel dwelt.   When rebellious Israel ensured their fate the Lord Jesus wept over the city for its certain doom at … Continued

August 2012

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Political trouble still continues in Syria   Many of these Middle Eastern countries have experienced instability after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (1917).  Syria descends from the ancient Assyrian Empire that for a while dominated the Middle East.  Ancient … Continued

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